Soak Fabric Wash

Soak Fabric WashI love everything Amy Butler, from her scrapbook papers to her eco gift wraps, and of course her fabric.  I peruse the Amy Butler Design site often to check for new things and I almost always find something delightful.  This time what I found wasn’t fabric or paper, but it does come in a gorgeous bottle.

Soak in Sola by Amy Butler is a biodegradable, phosphate-free, rinse-free fabric wash made in collaboration with Soak. Soak’s fiber-friendly cleanser is designed for the most delicate hand-washables, including quilts, knits, cross-stitch, and lingerie.  The no-rinse solution has even been used for pets and stuffed animals.  This limited edition version is scented with Amy’s signature fragrance called Sola.  They say Sola is a soft comforting fragrance like an evening walk through the garden.  The bottle is simple and beautiful.

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