Six Sweet and Simple Skirts that You Can Sew from Recycled Fabrics

No-sew skirt made from an elastic waistband and strips of tulleWhether you’re a novice sewer or a well-experienced one, skirts are some of the easiest and most satisfying items of clothing to produce. Seriously, what other article of clothing can you possibly sew with one cut, one hem, and fifteen minutes of free time, that has the potential to look nice on at least half the population?

The simplicity of the skirt also makes it highly suitable to be sewn from a variety of recycled fabrics. Depending on the look and the fit that you want, you could sew a skirt from vintage sheets or other linens, a well-fitting pair of pants, another skirt or dress, or a lovely blanket.

Need something a little more unusual? Sew a skirt from a shower curtain, a bath towel, or your favorite curtains!

For more inspiration and step-by-step tutorials, check out these six projects that use recycled fabrics to sew up some really sweet and simple skirts.

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