7 Crafts You Can Make Using Zippers

7 Crafts You Can Make Using Zippers - Take a new look at an old thrift store staple to create an array of accessories. Here are seven projects that you can whip up using zippers.
Even the most common craft supply, like zippers, can be used to create a slew of uncommon crafts. If you’re lucky, you can find bags of them at your local thrift store. If not, though, there is never a lack of clothing items that are unwearable with their zippers remaining intact. Take a new look at an old thrift store staple to create an array of accessories. Here are seven projects that you can whip up using zippers.

zipper lamp

1. Zipper Lamp

Over on Instructables, there is a fantastic project for creating a lamp using zippers. I love how the light shines through when it’s lit, and you can use any color zippers that you like to cast different effects.

zipper hoops

2. Hoop Earrings

Silver Bug Studio has a tutorial for a simple and pretty pair of zipper hoop earrings. You probably have both of these materials laying around your house, if not, there is never a shortage of discarded hoop earrings at local thrift stores.

zipper cuff

3. Zipper Cuff

This cuff bracelet project from Wax Eloquent is also another good way to use zippers (and a paper towel tube). This bracelet offers a great opportunity to get creative with different sizes, colors, and patters with the zippers.

zipper necklaces

4. Zipper Necklaces

Who knew zippers could create such great pieces of jewelry? This necklace project from Mich L. in L.A. shows us how to create a focal necklace using a zipper and pendant.

zipper bib

5. Zipper Applique

Even though Christmas has passed, you can still adorn a lot of items using this zipper Christmas tree tutorial from I Sew, Do You. The design, to me, is more forest tree than Christmas tree and would look great all year round on shirts, totes, or notebooks.

zipper ear buds

6. Zipper Earbud Covers

Craftster user LauPre gives us an easy tutorial for making zipper earbud covers. You’ll never have tangled earbuds again!

zipper purse

7. Continuous Zipper Purse

Another Craftster user, mickncrispy, shows us how to make a continuous zipper purse. You can scale this project up or down for larger or smaller purses. This would also be another great project to use a bunch of different colored zippers to create a nice striped effect.

Have you seen any other great projects or tutorials using zippers? I would love to get even more ideas and see some great tutorials. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or links.

[Zippers image by John_X via Flickr Creative Commons, Zipper lamp image by Randy Sarafan via Instructables, Zipper hoop earring image via Silver Bug Studio, Zipper cuff image via Wax Eloquent, Zipper necklace image via Mich L. in L.A., Zipper bib image via I Sew, Do You, Zipper earbud covers image by LauPre via Craftster, Zipper pouch image by mickncrispy via Craftster]

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