Safe Art and Craft Supplies for Kids

Crayon RocksRemember back in the day when opening a bottle of glue or using markers at school would give you a headache? Or at the minimum a contact buzz?

I am betting those art and craft supplies were not very safe. I am trying to keep items like those out of my little artists’ hands.

Thankfully there are places like Stubby Pencil Studio that offer safe arts and crafts supplies for kids…and their young at heart parents. I’ve already borrowed my daughter’s pencils and markers to sketch in my notepad.

This wonderful quote appears on Stubby Pencil Studio’s website: “Offering families eco-friendly art supplies that are healthy for children and the environment, like crayons made from soy – not petroleum; sketchbooks and journals made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper – not virgin trees; and pencils made from sustainably harvested wood and recycled newspapers – not dying forests. We know the little artist in your life will enjoy these quality and creative products as much as we do.”

I love that there are companies out there that care as much as I do and offer great products that both my kids and I will love…and that are safe.

I gave my daughter a sketchbook from Stubby Pencil Studio for Easter. Her inspiration comes from everything and she is rapidly filling the sketchbook with beautiful drawings made with her eco-friendly soy crayons and forest friendly colored pencils. I love that her creativity shines. She loves to make things…as most children do and I feel good knowing she’s using art supplies that will not harm her or the earth.

My little guy…he’s just happy he has crayons that don’t snap when his little hands push too hard. Crayon Rocks totally rock. He’s had them for over a week now and not a broken crayon in the bag, unlike regular crayons that get snapped within minutes.

Stubby Pencil Studio also carries smencils, those wonderful scented pencils made from from recycled newspaper and they carry many other safe arts and crafts supplies along with old fashioned, simple toys like dominoes and jacks.

3 thoughts on “Safe Art and Craft Supplies for Kids”

  1. I love Stubby Pencil Studio! For the older kids, the smencils are great, especially as present toppers or for stocking stuffers. And I, too, tried the Crayon Rocks for my kids and am delighted with how easy they are for little fingers to handle. This year, I also picked up a letter spinner (looks like a squared rolling pin with letters) for my 3yo, and he was sounding words out later that morning. So cool.

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