Review: Rolled Beeswax Honeycomb Sheets from Knorr Beeswax

rolled beeswax birthday candles
rolled beeswax birthday candles, using beeswax sheets from Knorr Beeswax

If you’re fond of making rolled beeswax candles (it’s an easy, fun, kid-friendly craft, and beeswax candles are much healthier than store-bought, petroleum-based candles), then you’ve had to answer the following question:

Where on earth do you BUY those honeycomb beeswax sheets?!?

Honeycomb beeswax sheets are rarely found at local, indie crafts stores (although you can request that they be stocked), rarely found at big-box crafts stores, rarely found at the honey farm booth at your neighborhood farmer’s marker.

I buy my honeycomb beeswax sheets online from Knorr Beeswax, and here’s what I think of them:

rolled beeswax candlesQuality:ย Although I always buy honeycomb beeswax sheets when I see them at thrift stores, nothing beats brand-new, fresh sheets. I like to warm each sheet up with a heat gun first, but the Knorr Beeswax sheets aren’t brittle, and they don’t tend to get too soft and sticky when they’re warm, either. The dyed colors are gorgeously vivid–better than the colors of store-bought petroleum-based candles, frankly. We went through a LOT of rolled beeswax candles in rainbow colors when the girls were deep into their rainbow phase, and the crayon-like saturation of the rainbow colors was always pleasing.

rolled beeswax candles
more of our rolled beeswax candles

Shipping:ย I have a horror of buying things online, because I hate the thought of the energy-laden journey that one single package must make, wending its way across the country to me, and I HATE the idea of paying for that journey! When I do buy online, I like to buy in bulk, so that I at least don’t have to do it very often. Therefore, although the honeycomb beeswax sheets kit seems like a lot of beeswax, that’s what I like to purchase. Sure, 20 sheets of beeswax is WAY too much if you just want to try out the craft once or twice, but if you’d like to make all of the candles that you use throughout the year, or give homemade candles to everyone on your Christmas list, or even teach your kid’s Girl Scout troop how to make rolled beeswax candles, then a bulk order will give you a comfy amount to work with, without sending that UPS truck back to your house too often.

Cost:ย I’m pretty confident that Knorr Beeswax has the best bulk pricing online (for a reminder about why I buy in bulk, see the paragraph above). The wicking that they throw into your order can be a nice bonus, although it’s too wide for most of the candles that my kiddos and I create, so we still have to buy our own locally. Every now and then I do notice a sale going on somewhere else that would make someone else’s beeswax sheets less expensive, but–and call me an old fogey for this–the predictability of knowing exactly what colors I’ll receive, exactly how safely the beeswax sheets will be packaged, and exactly how long they’ll take to reach me outweighs the temporary deal.

I’m pretty sure that we all have our favorite craft supply sources, that we hold dear for very specific, but probably very different reasons. I’d love to hear some of your favorite shopping spots, and why, in the Comments below.


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    1. You’re welcome! It’s been two years since I wrote this post, and I still source my beeswax sheets there. In my last order, I had a problem with the red sheets being so highly pigmented that they’d stain the other sheets if they touched them, so now I keep the red wrapped separately in tissue paper.

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