Redemption in a Mini Pincushion

Mushroom pin chusion Surprise, surprise the weather turned gorgeous this past weekend here in our Nations capital and I enjoyed the sun outside at a few choice locations. Usually one to bring along my own water bottle when venturing outdoors, I forgot. Inevitably I got thirsty in the hot sun and needed to quench it. So, I did the one thing that I really hate to do and bought a bottled water.

I know. I know. We actually all know the reasons not to do this. But my thirst won out and I was left with a happy sigh and an empty bottle.

To give myself a little bit of redemption, I gladly toted the empty bottle around for the rest of the day with all intentions for bringing it home, destined for the recycle bin. On my return home, I instead left it on my desk and contemplated the water bottle’s next life as a possible craft.

Turning to my trusty internet, I came across thewildhare on Etsy, showcasing mini pincusions. Made from felt and a water bottle cap, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the “Death Cap.” Seriously, how cute are they?

Available in red and white, Death Cap Mushroom and brown and white, Fat Free Chocolate Chip Muffin, thewildhare has come up with a great way to recycle a part of the water bottle and provide great inspiration on how to recycle random found objects into new and beautiful creations.

Think of something else that could be done with my water bottle? Leave your ideas in the comments.

[Image courtesy of thewildhare]

Written by Kelly Rand

Kelly covers visual arts in and around Washington, DC for DCist and is editor of Crafting a Green World. Kelly has also been published by Bust Magazine and you can find her byline at Indie Fixx and Etsy’s Storque and has taught in Etsy’s virtual lab on the topic of green crafting.

Kelly helps organize Crafty Bastards: Arts and Crafts Fair, one of the largest indie craft fairs on the east coast and has served on the Craft Bastard’s jury since 2007. Kelly is also co-founder of Hello Craft a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the advancement of independent crafters and the handmade movement. Kelly resides in Washington, D.C. and believes that handmade will save the world.


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  1. I have been saving bottled water caps for a while now – trying to come up with some magical craft to make of them. I have considered even saving tons of water bottles filling them with sand and building an eco house out of them. Not sure if this is at all realistic but would be so awesome 🙂

  2. Leslie, that would be sweet! And it’s easier to lift a water bottle cap filled with earth than a tire filled with same.

    Kelly, I like this because the cap isn’t recyclable where I live.

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