5 Recycled Soda Can Crafts

Soda Can Crafts

5. Soda Can Tab Pendant Light by The 3 R’s Blog

The 3 R’s of the 3 R’s blog stands for reduce, reuse, and redecorate– this project does just that! Allison took tons of soda can tabs and glued them to a lamp shade in order to create this beauty! She layered the tabs in the same way I layered my tabs in the Pop Top Peace Sign project. From what I understand, Allison used a new lamp shade, but I’m sure you could find one at a thrift store as well. Overall, I adore the texture and visual interest this pendant light has– it’s definitely one of a kind!

What would you create with soda cans? Share your ideas on our facebook wall or in the comment section below!

Looking for more soda can projects?

[Image via The 3 R’s Blog, used with permission]

6 thoughts on “5 Recycled Soda Can Crafts”

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  2. I am now making cute Xmas tree ornaments from soda cans. Cut off the top and save, cut ‘petals ‘ or strips all around the can to the bottom, now punch designs onto each petal or strip. I then take the top of the can, cut out the center, cut small petals around then glue this into the center of the main ornament. I also punch tiny designs on the petals. Anyone wanting to see a photo, just leave a message.

    1. how do you keep from getting cut on sharp edges? I was looking for a tool that would crimp and roll the edges of alum. cans but having trouble finding one.? Thanks.

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