5 Recycled Soda Can Crafts

Soda Can Crafts

3. Soda Can Key Chain by Diary of a Crafty Lady

I love key chains because they can give a bit of personality to your collection of drab keys! What about adding your favorite soda to spice things up? Diary of a Crafty Lady created this soda can key chain for all of the soda addicts in her life. I’m not a huge fan of soda, but I love the possibilities of color and shapes you could create with this project. These would also be perfect for gifts if you know the person’s favorite soda. Another great gift made from soda cans are soda can coasters– go to the next page if you want to see how The Idea Room made them!

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[Image via Diary of a Crafty Lady, used with permission]

6 thoughts on “5 Recycled Soda Can Crafts”

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  2. I am now making cute Xmas tree ornaments from soda cans. Cut off the top and save, cut ‘petals ‘ or strips all around the can to the bottom, now punch designs onto each petal or strip. I then take the top of the can, cut out the center, cut small petals around then glue this into the center of the main ornament. I also punch tiny designs on the petals. Anyone wanting to see a photo, just leave a message.

    1. how do you keep from getting cut on sharp edges? I was looking for a tool that would crimp and roll the edges of alum. cans but having trouble finding one.? Thanks.

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