Give a Hoot: Postcards and Journals from Night Owl Paper Goods

Blue Journal Based in Birmingham, “Owlbama,” Night Owl Paper Goods is a letterpress stationary company that gives a hoot about the environment.

Their letterpress designs are printed on sustainability harvested yellow birch, creating unique postcards and journals. The wood is sliced thin to produce a large number of cards from a small amount of raw material. Each piece is different due to the variation in the wood grain and very little water and power is used in their production. The birch trees are also replanted.

Their designs are simple, cute and whimsical. They are full of natural elements done in simple line drawings or simple-complex geometric shapes, reminiscent of quilt designs. They describe themselves as “modern yet folksy.” The postcards are easily marked with pen, pencil and markers. Whooo, knew that you could send wood through the mail?

You can also find their designs on journals that use the same thin sustainably harvested wood. What makes the journals extra special is that they contain 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Perfect to jot down your own eco-friendly notes and scribbles, on.

[Image from Night Owl Paper Goods’ website.]

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