Reader Question: Vegan Wood Waxes?

Reader Questionvegan wood wax for pyrography

One of my personal missions as a crafts writer is to make vegan crafting and green crafting accessible to everyone. A big part of doing that is helping folks find cruelty-free, eco-conscious alternatives to animal products. Sometimes, though, I get a question that totally stumps me, and when that happens I feel very lucky to have an awesome community of eco-crafters to turn to!

Amanda Saunders is a pyrographer–meaning she creates art by decoratively burning wood and then sealing it. The burning part is no problem, but wax is the preferred material for the sealing part. We’ve talked here before about candelila wax as a vegan alternative to beeswax for sealing wood, but I’m not totally sure if this will work for Amanda’s purposes. Here’s what she’s after:

Do you know which of the vegan waxes would be the palest in colour – does anyone have experience of using these as wood waxes? I don’t mind paying for stuff that will do the job and look good (as in, be clear in colour so as not to darken the wood) but I don’t want to buy stuff that isn’t going to work for me.

I don’t do a lot of woodworking, and I’d hate to steer a crafter wrong, so I am turning to you guys! Can you suggest a vegan wood wax that Amanda can use? She lives in Ireland, so something either available there or online is ideal.

{Image Credit: Pyrography photo via Shutterstock}

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