Reader Question: Homemade Modeling Clay Recipe?

Reader Questionmodeling clay

Conventional modeling clay is not the greenest craft supply out there. What are the alternatives?

Reader Tyler writes:

Ive been trying to invent a good recipe for oil based modelling clay that mimics chavant nsp medium as closely as possible. There are many recipes around the internet but they tend to have petroleum or off gassing ingredients in them such as paraffin wax and motor oil. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on some good alternatives. Thanks for your help!

I was able to find a couple of recipes, but since I don’t work with proper modeling clay, it’s hard to say whether these are going to do the trick. If any of you have a modeling clay recipe that you’d like to share, let us know in the comments!

Modeling Clay Recipes

Here are the recipes I found that might be helpful:

1. Pioneer Thinking has quite a few recipes for modeling clay, but I get the feeling that these are more like play dough than professional clay.

2. EHow shows you how to make pottery clay from scratch. If you live somewhere like Georgia, where you can pretty much dig up red clay anywhere, this might be fun to try. Still, I’m not so sure that this is what Tyler was after.

I’d love to hear from the sculptors out there! Do any of these recipes sound helpful? Do you have a modeling clay recipe that you love? Help a fellow crafter out!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Daniel Jaeger

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