Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar

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desk calendar stock image from Shutterstock“Hello! I have a desk calender that has a bunch of quotes from “the office” TV show. I have saved all the pages because I would like to use them in someway… whether it be decorative or just useful. Any ideas?”

I love old calendars. When my girlies were littler, I would gather up wall calendars and cut the big, splashy monthly images up into simple puzzles for them to put together. I still snatch up those puzzle-a-day desk calendars whenever I see one at a thrift store–they’re great to pass around the car during road trips, and when a page is finished, it can go right into our backseat recycling bag.

Because desk calendars are made of that most versatile of craft materials–paper!!!–you’ll find that you can make some pretty great projects with them using some of our favorite methods here at CAGW. Here are five tutorials to get you started:

Tile CoasterΒ For a page-a-day desk calendar, a decoupaged tile coaster like this one from D. Salmons (posting here at CAGW) Β is just about the perfect project. Since tiles come in different sizes, you’ll be able to find a plain coaster that fits your calendar page really well, and you’ll pay just pennies for it.

From a calendar featuring “The Office,” I’m imagining making a personalized tile for each of the reader’s co-workers, to use as coasters on all their desks.

[Image credit: desk calendar photo via Shutterstock]

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3 thoughts on “Reader Question Answered: Upcycling a Daily Calendar”

  1. Coaster was definitely my first tought, but having 365 tiles stashed in your drawer my not be very efficient.
    Maybe cover the day of the week part with “dry erase” tape (is there such a thing?) and use the pages as a perpetual calendar.

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