PLA: Plastic Made from Corn Makes for (Slightly) Less Evil Craft Packaging

Homemade Play Dough Packaged in PLA Deli ContainersI am so in love with my aromatherapy play dough that I have made…um, would you believe a hundred batches of it?

Many batches of purple rosemary play dough, blue peppermint play dough, red cinnamon play dough, and green pine play dough have found their way into the hands of my daughters’ little friends–play dough makes a great quickie Christmas present. I sold many more batches at holiday craft fairs, donated a few for care packages, and just generally passed around a lot of homemade play dough this season.

If you, too, are in the habit of passing around your crafts, whether you sell them or give them away to some very lucky loved ones, then you, too, have likely struggled with the nightmare that is packaging.

Seriously, think about how to package homemade play dough.Β You could re-use plastic deli containers, I suppose, but how much deli food do you really eat? Wood and cloth containers are gorgeous, but play dough will dry out, and don’t even think about putting a glass container into the hands of a small child.

Face it: with play dough (and a lot of other crafts), you’ve got to pack in plastic. Unfortunately, when we’re talking about crafting a green world, and we are, plastic is evil. Fortunately, some plastic is less evil than other plastic.

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