Onesie Craft Idea: Got a too-small onesie? Turn it into a tee!

onesie craft ideas onesie to t-shirt

Got a onesie that you can’t bear to part with? Here’s a onesie craft idea to turn it into a cute tee for your babe instead!

I know I’m not the only mom that gets a little bit sad when my little guy grows out of a favorite onesie. Maybe it was a gift from someone special or just something that your baby just looked so darn cute in. Either way, I bet you know the feeling of tugging on the bottom to snap the snaps and letting your baby rock that low-cut top look for a few weeks until you’re mentally prepared to part with that precious garment.

Instead of cramming Darrol Henry into the last onesie that he outgrew, I wondered if I could come up with a onesie craft idea to make it fit him for just a little while longer.

The result? Since snapping on the bottom was causing the problem, I just cropped that bottom right off to turn his old onesie into a t-shirt. When I do t-shirt crafts for myself I’m cool with the unhemmed edge rolling up a bit, but for a baby shirt, this seemed like it could get uncomfortable.

Check out how I turned an old onesie into a finished tee without doing any actual hemming!

onesie craft ideas onesie tee

 Onesie Craft Idea: Onesie to Baby Tee Tutorial


  • a too-small onesie
  • ruler
  • marker or pen
  • scissors
  • sewing machine, pins, and thread – choose a thread color that matches the color of your onesie’s seam binding
  • iron


1. Use your ruler and marker to mark off a line horizontally across your onesie right above the top of the leg holes, then cut along that line.

onesie crafts cutting tee

2. Take the piece you just cut off and your scissors and very carefully snip away the seam binding around the leg holes. Snip off and discard the part of the seam binding that has snaps on it. When you cut off that part, cut as close to the snaps as you can – you want to salvage as much edging as possible.

3. Pin the seam binding pieces on top of the cut-off portion of your baby tee. You want each piece of binding to overlap just a bit, so you have a complete edge.

onesie craft ideas trim pin tee

4. Set your machine on a zigzag stitch with a wide stitch length, and sew all the way around to attach the binding to the bottom.

5. Iron, your kiddo is ready to rock his new t-shirt!

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  1. Thank you!!! I’ve been dreading the thought of buying t shirts when i have all these perfect onesies i can turn around! I appreciate the tutorial!

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