Nuno Magazine’s Spring Issue is Groovy

Nuno Spring IssueNuno Magazine is a digital craft magazine chock full of fun eco-crafts. The spring issue Rustle, boasts a groovy collection of crafts that almost emit a sixties and seventies vibe. The projects are colorful and take what’s old and make it new again.

Some of the crafts are very simple (and great for kids) like water color butterflies made from old book pages and painted with watercolor paints, to bunny masks made from cereal boxes. The butterfly finger puppets and paper flowers are also simple projects you and your kids can share.

watercolor butterflyWith spring break coming up super soon (like this next week) this magazine couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ll share it with my kids and make some bunny masks and butterflies. Maybe the paper flowers too.

made from a cereal boxThere’s also plastic bag peonies made from plastic shopping bags, silk painting done with Kool Aid (which seems like a great non- toxic way to dye fabric) and some sewing projects that salvage an old tablecloth and turn it into a hat, clutch and bean bag birdie.

You can get a free preview of the magazine or download a copy for $5.00.

I like Nuno and hope to see more fun filled issues in the future.

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