News Updates on Protesting the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and More


In watching this green news update from ZapRoot, I noticed they referenced our blog post entitled “my letter to my representatives protesting the consumer product safety improvement act”.

This is an important topic, and we are happy to see it in the news. One of the important points the ZapRoot news flash points out is that this act will create more terrible landfill waste, because places like the goodwill, and thrift stores, will not be able to sell their “untested” products. Handmade items are often created with reclaimed or recycled materials and have become creative ways too lesson the burden of landfill waste on our planet.Β  Hopefully once more of us tune into the issue, we will stop this extremist consumer protectionism.

So please, if you have a minute, help save handmade crafts by stopping this proposed act from becoming law. If you have a moment, take the time to help us protest this act.

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