New Ripley’s Believe It or Not Book Features Extreme Trash to Treasure Stories

Enter if You Dare Ripley’s Believe It or Not has always been known for their extremes. They showcase the weird, the crazy, the wild and the unbelievable.

In their new book Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Enter if You Dare! they showcase some of the wild extremes people have used to create art out of trash. It’s extreme recycling with a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! twist.

In addition to the normal Ripley’s fair the new book Enter If You Dare showcases men and women from around the world who are transforming ordinary, everyday trash into unbelievable and unique works of art.

Some of the wild top trash-to-treasure stories featured in Enter If You Dare include:

  • Tom Deininger from Boston, Massachusetts. He created a beautiful sculpture of a rainbow trout using only items found lying around his house including a Nintendo game sleeve, window screen, sequins, a milk jug, a ball-point pen cap, and compact disks. Tom, who is an artist and environmentalist, recycled everyday items to make the fish. He applied no resins or paint to the work. Find his story on page 218
  • Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, also from Massachusetts, fashions stylish and colorful underwear from soda cans. Find this unique underwear on page 206
  • Trash Trout

  • Artist Alex Queral from Pennsylvania, creates portraits using phonebooks. After finding a phonebook in a recycling bin he began carving three-dimensional faces into the books. His story is on page 207
  • Erika Simmons from Atlanta re-uses all her old cassette tapes by re-making them into pieces of art. Using one unspooled cassette reel per piece, she has made perfect portraits of various music legends. Wow, that must take time a lot of patience. Read more on page 201
  • Sha Sha in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China was wed in a dress made entirely out of paper. Designer Zhu Zhu took two and a half months to make the dress. Check out page 201 to learn more
  • Dutch artist Enno de Kroon recycles old egg cartons by using them as canvases for his paintings. With the lumpy shape of the cartons, the paintings change shape depending on the angle from which you view them. Kroon has dubbed his creations “Eggcubism.” Learn more on page 210.
  • Irish company RoboSteel welds scrap steel recycled from old cars, motorbikes and airplanes into giant sculptures of film icons and fantasy characters, such as Transformers and Alien vs. Predator. Check them out on page 244.
  • Artist Christopher Locke creates sculpted spiders made from twisted scissors and creepy crawlies made from knives and tools. Sounds twisted. Read more on page 14.

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