New GreenCraft Magazine

Stampington and Company launched a new magazine on August 1st.

GreenCraftΒ is their ode to all things green, recycled, upcycled and more.

In the premier issue you’ll find over 50 stylish and sustainable projects to inspire you.

“Finding creative uses for old items is nothing new to artists, but the spirit of preserving the planet is more important than ever before and GreenCraft Magazine is here to honor and inspire those who find artistic applications for normally discarded resources.”

GreenCraft is printed on recycled paper and will be published twice a year; every February and August.

I have a copy of the new GreenCraft and there are some very cute projects in here. On page 80 and 81 you’ll find “For the Love of Tin”. It showcases ways to make use of tin cans. These tin can baskets and storage containers are so cute you’d never know there’s a can underneath the craftiness.

The “Cereal Box Chic” favor and gift boxes (pages 42-47) are also pretty and so practical, you’ll think twice about ever buying a gift bag again when you have what you need at hand. Forget sticking flattened cereal boxes in the recycling bin from now on I am saving them and turning them into pretty little gift bag/boxes. I have plenty of ribbon, wire and what not accessories to decorate them.

Another cute idea that is highlighted in GreenCraft is on page 138, an old hinge is used to create a very awesome piece of jewelry.

There are a lot of beautiful, artful, stylish and whimsical projects in GreenCraft that will leave you inspired and ready to dig through your recycling bin and craft box.


12 thoughts on “New GreenCraft Magazine”

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  2. I bought the magazine when it came out and found a lot of the projects really cute and inspiring. I had to do a *facepalm*, though, when they started enthusing about creative ways to reuse a pretty paper shopping bag. That would be a pretty, *disposable* paper shopping bag. It’s eco-friendly, you know!

    …. Right.

    But generally it was worth the price. (It didn’t hurt that I had $5 in Borders Bucks to spend… πŸ˜‰ Anything that raises awareness about creative reuse, is worth supporting, I think.

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  4. Looks great, but I meant to ask if the projects are mostly calling for recycled or natural materials. I’ve come across “eco crafts” that need “decorative” materials I feel uncomfortable buying or even bringing home. I’m not in the US so not likely to get one soon, but I’ll try to get a sample when I could.

  5. Monica, I can tell you that the projects make heavy use of recycled, upcycled, and reclaimed materials. I mentioned the shopping bags above because it was one instance of “unclear on the concept.” For the most part, though, the magazine uses very few new materials.

  6. I love the book. I bought it when i came out. I have tried a number of these projects already. I have a wedding and a baby shower coming up, so this was great since they are both “green”. I will be using some of the other projects for Christmas gifts for the ladies I volunteer with. You will LOVE this book. It was so worth it to me. OH and the best part, I didn’t have to purchase anything new. It was all in my house. WHOA!

  7. What a great magazine concept, its about time someone this this, super creative. If you need green home decor crafts projects for your magazine, you can contact me, its my specialty!

  8. Virginia R. Robbins

    While in the waiting room at a doctor’s office I saw a craft magazine full of projects for children — 25 projects made with repurposed organtic material. One that really caught my eye was “The Foamerator” – a created wacky foam snake, using a plastic water bottle and foam — I thought it would be a neat way to entertain my great grandchildren. I’d like to receive full instructions, if possible, or subscribe to the magazine.
    (Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the magazine.)
    Your help wil be appreciated. Thanks. Virginia

  9. Love the book. Love the crafts and ideas. Much toooo expensive though. Even the back issues that you can order ate not cheap.

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