13 More Wholesome Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Wholesome DIY Popsicle Bar

Wholesome DIY Popsicle Bar

Now that it’s all of fifty degrees outside, my kids have decided that surely summer is just about here, and they are on a homemade popsicle kick to celebrate!

Here are some of our favorite popsicle recipes. Most of them work well with the homemade popsicle bar that we like to put together, some are recipes that you can set aside to surprise them with, and some are just for adults!

1. bug juice popsicleForget Otter Pops–these popsicles are healthy and vegan!

2. banana avocado popsicleLooking for something for a kid who’s just beginning solids? This one is a great choice.

3. coconut water and fresh berries popsicleThis is the ultimate in light and refreshing, and a great one to make once all the local berries come into season.

4. cherry zucchini popsicleThe zucchini doesn’t affect the flavor of this popsicle, but DOES give it the texture of a commercial popsicle without any of those funky ingredients.

5. rainbow whole fruit popsicleDon’t want to ingest a bunch of chemical dyes? Make these colorful rainbow popsicles with delicious, nutritious whole fruit.

6. double chocolate almond butter popsicleThis one’s for you chocolate and nut butter fans!

7. watermelon kiwi popsicleIf your kids like novelty popsicles with their cute colors, then they’ll love this one, which looks just like a watermelon!

8. almond milk popsicleThe funnest part of these popsicles is that they’re dipped in dark chocolate and then crushed almonds–it’s a technique that you could apply to any of the popsicles on this list.

9. margarita popsicleThis one is just for the adults!

10. veggie popIf you’re looking for bright bursts of color in your popsicle, add veggies!

11. pineapple cream popsicleIf you’re craving a Dole Whip, then THIS is the popsicle for you.

12. chia and coconut pudding popsicleChia seeds add a fun texture to this popsicle, which also contains banana chunks.

13. chamomile ginger popsicleGot a sore throat, or a bit of an upset tummy? These popsicles also have lemon and honey.

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