Miss Renegade San Francisco? Visit These Eco-Friendly Renegade Vendors Anytime

Craft FairI looooove the Renegade craft fairs, although only Renegade Chicago is close enough to attend.

One of the great things about visiting the web sites of craft fairs, however, is the vendor list–most artists have a web presence these days, so perusing the list of vendors is one way to check out all the Renegade-worthy artists even if you can’t be there for the ambiance.

Web shops also help me decide where I want to shop in person, if I am attending a craft fair. I like fair trade, natural, and recycled work, which info is generally available at an artist’s web site, so I don’t have to feel bad about grilling a super-busy vendor in a super-busy booth on the opening day of a major craft fair.

So, nope, I wasn’t able to make it across the entire country to visit San Francisco for Renegade (although I’ll be there in about three weeks, darnit!), but here are some of my favorite vendors who were there without me:

1. Reware: Jewelry made from Legos and other abandoned small toys and game pieces.

2. Archibald Leach: Women’s dresses from men’s dress shirts.

3. Birdy Botanicals: Handmade, organic skincare products.

4. Buzz Buzz Designs: Bags and jewelry remade from vintage components.

5. Ex Libris Anonymous: Journals made from old books.

6. Foxglove Accessories: Jewelry incorporating postmarked stamps from around the world.

7. Holly Hue: Punk clothes cobbled together from other punk clothes.

8. I Melt with You: Soybean wax candles.

Who’s your favorite eco-friendly artisan?

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Written by Julie Finn

I'm a writer, crafter, Zombie Preparedness Planner, and homeschooling momma of two kids who will hopefully someday transition into using their genius for good, not the evil machinations and mess-making in which they currently indulge. I'm interested in recycling and nature crafts, food security, STEM education, and the DIY lifestyle, however it's manifested--making myself some underwear out of T-shirts? Done it. Teaching myself guitar? Doing it right now.

Visit my blog Craft Knife for a peek at our very weird handmade homeschool life, and my etsy shop Pumpkin+Bear for a truly odd number of rainbow-themed beeswax pretties.

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  1. Great post with good ideas. There were a lot of vendors at this show to see and a lot of the people were overwhelmed. A little research before hand might have helped people focus a little more. And thanks for the link!!!
    Are you on twitter? I’d love to follow you. I’m @birdybotanicals.com

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