Meet Our Newest Writer: Bonnie Getchell

Bonnie GetchellWe had an overwhelmingly awesome response to our call for writers. A huge thank you to everyone who applied. It was so hard to choose between the amazing submissions, and I wish we had more room on the writing team right now. I am thrilled to introduce you to our newest writer: Bonnie Getchell!

Bonnie is a craft nerd at heart, a writer, and a musician. She recently graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in English and is trying to find a balance between her fun-loving spirit and the reality of bills. Just graduating also means that she’s on a tight budget. She loves taking the challenge to be thrifty and use materials she already has in order to save money and recycle!

One of her recent projects on her blog, Revolutionaries is a combination of just that– she used toilet paper rolls, branches, scrap paper, and canvases to create one-of-a kind artwork. Bonnie is as excited to become part of the CAGW team as we are to have her, and she can’t wait to share how easy it is to transform materials you already have into something beautiful (and stay on a budget).

Want to welcome Bonnie to the team? You can say hello in the comments below! Her very first post is coming up next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

5 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Writer: Bonnie Getchell”

  1. Bonnie, this is awesome!! I for sure am going to find a way to link your posts to my website, once they atrt coming. I already love the little sample taste we saw. Congratulations on this newest endeavor…………………………………..! We are trying to learn how to live a little greener in all aspects.

  2. Hi Everyone at CAGW! I just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I have purchased items from Bonnie at Revolutionaries and can’t say enough about it! Bonnie goes beyond most “artistic” people I know and puts her creativity into action by reinventing the wheel! Ordering from Revolutionaries was a delight~ immediate response and fast delivery. The items I ordered were beautifully made and will make wonderful Christmas gifts as well as decorating my own home. Her projects have been such fun to do for myself or with friends, with personable and easy to follow instructions.

    I’m so excited that Bonnie has been chosen as your new addition…neither you nor your followers will be disappointed!

    Maria Greene

  3. Dear crafting world,
    I have known Bonnie for about 3 1/2 years and pretty much ALWAYS thought she was a craft nerd! (in a good way lol) However she is one of the most talented and amazing people on this planet! She has a loving spirit and it reflects on her incredible artistic creations! I believe 100% that she will not let the “crafting world” down!

    Bonnie, you are someone I will always look up to! I love you and keep following your dreams!
    YOU ROCK! I just don’t know if the craftibng world is ready for all your awesomeness! πŸ˜‰


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