Make Your Own Eco-Wedding Favors

If you are a DIY Bride to Be you may enjoy making your own eco-friendly wedding favors.

Many are very easy to make and can easily be made in large quantities.

If you are looking for some inspiration for DIY green favors, here’s a list of relatively simple to make favors that can easily be customized to fit your theme, color scheme, and budget.

  • Handmade  note cards, stationary, or seeded tags
  • All natural soaps
  • Bath salts, bath bombs, body scrubs or bath oils (many recipes and instructions can be found online)
  • Handcrafted soy or beeswax candles, these would look great in glass baby food jars that you upcycle
  • Crafty photo frames made or decorated with scraps and found materials like twigs, rocks, and dried flowers
  • Small potted plants, flowers, or even cacti make cute favors and double as table decorations
  • Flower bulbs already potted or decorative bags containing a flower bu;b to plant
  • Bird seed cones, bird seed cakes or other bird seed handmade goodies- they are cute, easy to make and definitely for the birds once the wedding is over
  • Fire starter bundles Made right these can be very aromatic), great for late fall or winter weddings
  • Key chains made from found and recycled materials
  • Inexpensive seed packets customized with your wedding info, or make your own seed packets with recycled paper and buy bulk seeds
  • Everyone loves tasty treats consider making some for your wedding like: candy, chocolate suckers in unique shapes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, dry seasoning mixes, soup mixes layered in jars, etc.
  • If you are having a wedding during the winter holidays  consider mini handmade stockings, mittens, or other Christmas ornaments.
  • For Victorian theme weddings old fashioned lace gloves filled with candies or lacey scented sachets would make darling little favors

For even more green wedding favor ideas and even some handy DIY instructions you can check out The Everything Green Wedding Book: Plan an elegant, affordable, earth-friendly wedding

6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Eco-Wedding Favors”

  1. Wenona, I love all of these ideas. Also suggest people check out sites like Instructables and various blogs (including this one of course) with craft ideas. Often they can be adapted and personalized for weddings.

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