Make An Expandable File Folder from a Cereal Box

cereal box suppliesI use expandable file folders to keep my bills, receipts, invoices and contracts organized. Pretty much every paper pieces gets organized into these nifty files.

Well they’re supposed to anyway but currently most of my files are filled up and everything is in a pile right now waiting to be put away.

Good thing I came across Cameron Blazer from the Cottage Industrialist who has created a wonderful tutorial for creating a simple DIY expandable file folder from a cereal box and some other crafty bits.

This is a fabulous DIY project for those who need a little help getting organized.

Now, thanks to Cameron’s handy little how to I can grab empty cardboard cereal boxes, fabric, adhesive and some other minor supplies and create folders that will help tidy up my office area.

I can’t wait to give this one a try. So, head on over to The Cottage IndustrialistΒ so you can learn how to make the DIY expandable file folder too.

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