Make a Crayon Ring Pop

Crayon Ring Pop

Make a cute, functional crayon ring pop for your kids. Yes, it sits on your hand just like a ring. Yes, it really colors!

Make a cute, functional crayon ring pop for your kids. Yes, it sits on your hand just like a ring. Yes, it really colors!

Do you know that I live next door to a drive-in movie theater?

I live next door to a drive-in movie theater.

It’s basically the best thing ever.

However, along with all of the great things about living next door to a drive-in movie theater, there’s also the thing where my kids walk over there every weekend night and spend all of their money on junk food. They have cotton candy at the drive-in. They have ice cream.

And most of all, they have my kids’ absolute favorite candy EVER: the ring pop.

You can probably guess that, being the editor of Crafting a Green World and all, I hate myself some plastic packaging, and you are 100% right about that. So after a few weeks of watching the kids nom up their ring pops, then toss the ring pop plastic in the trash, I started making them instead wash those plastic ring findings and give them to me.

And that’s why, every few weeks or so from now until my kids leave for college, probably, you’re going to be reading a tute by me about yet another way to upcycle ring pop plastic.

First up: make this awesomely cute crayon ring pop! Yes, it sits on your hand just like a ring. Yes, it really colors! Even though my kids don’t seem to understand why I’m not simply putting more CANDY back on their rings, I’m kind of in love with our new crayon ring pops, and if you like us and you’re having a birthday this year, that’s probably what we’re going to give you for your present.

And here’s how to make it!

Crayon Ring Pop

You will need:

ring pop plastic. I know you’ve seen them before, but just in case this is your first time out from under your rock, ring pop plastic looks like an adjustable ring with a base to mount the pop and a post to secure it. It’s definitely possible to drill a hole for the post into the embellishment and then glue it into place, and I’ll be showing you some ideas for that in future tutorials, but for the purposes of this project, the crayon wax will mold around that post just fine.

crayons. It’s not really an upcycling project if you use new stuff, so don’t go out and buy a brand-new pack of crayons for this. Instead, dig through your kids’ stash and pick out the broken ones and the stubs. Light colors and bright colors work best, but you can alternate them with the darker colors.

silicone moldA large variety of molds could work well for this–consider ones that both look cute and that you can color with. The only proviso is that the base of the ring pop plastic should be able to fit into the mold.

Conversely, if you have your heart set on a mold that the base doesn’t fit into, you’ll want to melt extra crayons in an old glass jar, then use that to top off the melted crayon in the mold to bring the level right up to the top–that way, the plastic post will still have plenty of melted crayon to adhere to it.

1. Melt crayons. Follow my tutorial for making recycled crayons. It’s super easy, so make extra just to color with!

2. Add the ring pop plastic. Take the melted crayons out of the oven, and set the tray on a level surface. Very gently set the ring pop plastic, post side down, on top of the surface of the melted crayons. The plastic should float, more or less, but keep an eye on it just in case. It won’t take long for the melted crayon to regain enough consistency to be able to hold the plastic base steady.

Crayon Ring Pop

To add extra sturdiness to the ring, I very gently tipped the plastic base under the surface of the melted crayon so that wax flowed on top of it, up to the bottom of the ring itself. This will keep the crayon very secure, even when you’re coloring, and will also hide the plastic base.

3. Let cool. Sometimes I like to put my recycled crayons into the refrigerator to cool, but you don’t want to jostle the ring pop plastic, so let them cool where they are without moving them. When they’re room temperature, peel away the sides of the mold, and your new crayon ring pop will slide right out!

Crayon Ring Pop

See? It’s not candy, Kids, but it’s still fun!


Make a cute, functional crayon ring pop for your kids. Yes, it sits on your hand just like a ring. Yes, it really colors!

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