Kinkajou: Simplifying the Bottle Cutter


We love upcycling a glass bottle around here, and one glass bottle craft that a lot of crafters find a bit daunting is glass cutting.

When you cut a glass bottle, you basically score the glass to weaken it and then use hot water to stress that fracture so the bottle breaks. A thorough sanding, and you’re ready to use an old wine or beer bottle as a tumbler, a vase, or anything you can dream up. The trouble with the scoring part is that it’s really hard to get an even cut when you’re doing it free hand.

Patrick Lehoux developed a prototype for a new type of bottle cutter – Kinkajou – that looks like it will make bottle cutting a lot more accessible, and he’s running a Kickstarter campaign to help him launch production. Check out the Kickstarter video:

There are a few days left to kick in, so head on over to his Kickstarter campaign if you want to help him out!

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