Japan Earthquake Relief: Crafters Give Back

Japan Earthquake Relief
As I see more and more photos and reports coming out of Japan, my heart goes out to the people coping with the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. The people of Japan need our help and support right now, and the crafty community is doing what it does best: using our crafty skills to make a difference. Here are a few crafters that are reaching out. If you know of others or you’re working on a crafty way to raise money for Japan disaster relief, please tell us in the comments!

  • This and That From Japan is a Southern Japanese crafter who is donating 15% of sales in her fabric shop to Japan earthquake relief.
  • Pinecone Camp is donating 50% of their March sales to the Red Cross for Japan Earthquake relief.
  • Ahpeele is donating 100% of the profit from a special edition Japanese Disaster Relief shirt to the Japanese Red Cross.
  • Loop Loft is donating 100% of the sale price of her printed fabric embroidery hoop to Red Cross International

Do you know of other crafters that are giving back for Japan earthquake relief? Please share in the comments!

[Image Credit: Photo via Loop Loft]

7 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake Relief: Crafters Give Back”

  1. Checkout Handmade for Japan-

    Handmade For Japan’s mission is to raise money through an online auction on March 24-27 for relief efforts to assist the victims of Japan’s catastrophic earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear emissions.

    Handmade for Japan is an online auction of unique, handmade art donated by concerned, invited artists. One hundred percent of all net proceeds collected via the auction will be donated to Global Giving’s Earth and Tsunami Relief Fund. http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief/

    Because of the urgency of the situation, the auction will begin on eBay on Thursday, March 24th and end on Sunday, March 27th. The auction items will be listed under the “Handmade for Japan” seller ID.

  2. thank you for sharing! really love seeing so many individuals come together to lend a helping hand!

    i’ve started my own small project called stitch+connect (http://www.zakkanouveaublog.com/index.php/category/stitchconnect/) where i’m hand making a limited edition/one-of-a-kind product each day for 30 days + 100% of the proceeds go towards an organization of the buyers choice! i’m onto day 6 today!

    also, 60+ crafters/bloggers/designers/artists will be participating in hearts + hands (http://heartsandhandsforjapan.blogspot.com/) which is a raffle by satsuma press to help raise funds for japan.

    another one is for japan with love (http://heartsandhandsforjapan.blogspot.com/) by utterly engaged + ever-ours who are raising money to send shelterbox’s to japan!

    many of my friends + loved ones have been affected by this + i am so thankful for all the outpouring generosity from so many people~

  3. Hi. I am a professor of Early Childhood Education at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, USA. My students are “making from scratch” unique, one-of-a-kind Baby/Comfort Blankets [crochet, knit, or stitch] for survivors in Japan. I have 70 blankets ready to ship–BUT–can anybody help me locate people or agencies in Japan that I can ship them to? Or, other ideas? THANKS!
    Dr. Bob Burke: burkerw@muohio.edu

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