It’s HERE!: Share and Swap Craft Supplies

Share and Swap Craft Supplies

After lots of testing, retesting, retesting again, breaking, fixing, and maybe a few tears, it’s finally here! You can now list craft supplies to give away, post about supplies you need, or list supplies you’d like to swap right here at Crafting a Green World!

The Share and Swap is something that I’ve been wanting to get going for years, and we finally were able to hire technical help to get us going. This process has been long and in a lot of ways very DIY, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that we are finally launching this resource for you guys!

Share and Swap, Step-by-Step

Here’s a more detailed step-by-step on how listing works:

  • Head over to the Share and Swap page.
  • Click the New Post button.
  • Set up your listing with a title and brief description.
  • Add images, if you want – this part is optional, but photos definitely make it easier for folks to visually browse!
  • Submit your ad. Each ad needs moderator approval, and we will get them posted as fast as we can! We may change this over time, but we want to start out as securely as possible.
  • Check your spam folder. Automated emails like the confirmation from our Share and Swap system often get caught in spam, and you’ll need your listing email in case you need to make any changes later on.

That’s it!

Are you excited about cleaning out your craft room and knowing that your extra supplies will go to a good home? This launch has me so inspired to purge my excess supplies!

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