Ink and Spindle Eco-friendly Fabric and Yardage Printing

The designers behind Kirin & Co. (Lara Cameron) and Hollabee (Bianca van Meeuwen), along with friend Tegan Rose, have joined forces to create Ink & Spindle.  Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ink & Spindle is a yardage screen printing business, with an environmentally friendly focus.  Lara, Bianca, and Tegan are a powerhouse of designers each with their own unique style, yet somehow all of their prints go together.  They share their journey with us through the Ink & Spindle Blog.  

They offer prints on a variety of base cloths, including an organic cotton/hemp blend fabric.  All designs are hand screen-printed with water-based, non-toxic inks in their brand new studio.  The Ink & Spindle Shop has fabric by the meter, housewares, and craft kits.  In addition to their own designer fabrics, Ink & Spindle offers custom screen printing for other designers (who aren’t up for screen printing their own fabric).  With a studio in an old warehouse and a 10 meter yardage printing table they are well equipped to do custom prints.  

[Images courtesy of Lara Cameron, Ink & Spindle]

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