How-to: Scrap Fabric Cupcake Flags from Cut up This Book! Special Occasions

scrap fabric cupcake flag tutorial (3 of 5)

Cupcake flags don’t have to be store-bought and disposable. Using the food flag templates fromΒ Cut up This Book! Special Occasions, you can craft little party flags from vintage or stash papers, or, as I did here, from the very tiniest pieces of scrap fabric.

Not only does this lead to less waste and a more eco-friendly event, but if you craft any of your other party decorations–buntings, cloth napkins, table covers, etc.–then you can use those scraps to make the cupcake flags to match. Who says upcycled crafts can’t be cutesie-cute and mitchy-matchy?

Scrap fabric flags are a little trickier to make than paper, but still quite quick and easy. Here’s how:

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