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  • How-to: Scrabble Drink Coaster

    Did your P go under the sofa? Lose your S over a heated word debate? Do you have a Scrabble game sitting around that’s missing more than one letter tile? Well I have the perfect tutorial for you! More

  • How-to: Recycled Gift Card Puff Pillow

    More than a few gifts this past holiday season were gift cards for friends and family. And although they possessed monetary value, I felt the enjoyment of opening a wrapped gift box was somehow lost. So after purchasing several two dollar gift boxes just to put gift cards in, I came up with a packaging […] More

  • How-To: Recycled Ruffled Headband

    If you pick up any fashion magazine or browse the racks of your favorite store, you will notice that ruffles are really “in” right now. But if you are like me and like the look but are low on funds I have a low budget solution…a ruffled headband. To make this headband you can use […] More

  • How-to: Make a Coffee Filter Broach

    Almost every morning starts by brewing one of my favorite things, coffee. To me coffee has always been more than just a drink. In the afternoon it’s a snack, when crafting it’s a fabric dye, in the garden it’s a bug repellant. I could go on, and on. Coffee is almost the perfect waste-less product. […] More