How-to: Reverse-Stencil Neon Hair Clip from Fabric Scraps

Reverse Stencil Hair Clip

Instead of using the stencil itself, I used the piece that you pop out of the new stencil to create my neon hair clip.

heart stencil


  • stencil innards
  • vintage fabric scrap
  • water-based neon fabric paint and brush – I used Speedball fabric paint in hot pink
  • recycled felt scrap that’s at least the same size as your fabric scrap
  • old hair clip or bobby pin
  • needle and thread
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine (optional)


1. Cut whatever shape you like out of your fabric scrap. I went with an oversized leaf shape, but you could do a circle, a heart, a star….whatever you want!

2. Decide where you want your stencil to go. Lay it down and paint the whole piece of fabric with your paint. Let it dry completely.

heart stencil fabric

3. Meanwhile, grab that hair clip and needle and thread, and sew your hair clip onto the piece of felt. For the leaf shape, I stitched it about 1/2″ or so from the top, so when I glue this backing onto the fabric, it will be placed near the top of the wide part.

sewing hair clip

4. Glue the felt to the fabric, wrong sides together. Let the glue dry completely, when cut the excess felt off of your clip.

gluing backing

5. You can be all done here, or you can run your clip through your sewing machine to top stitch all the way around the edge. I liked the look of the top-stitching, but the clip is just as wearable without it. If you don’t sew, just check for any edges that might need a little more glue, so your clip won’t fray.

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