3 Ways to Repair Embellished Clothing

How to Repair Embellished Clothing
Repairing clothes with embellishments on them sometimes requires a bit of finesse. Here are three methods to repair embellished clothing, so it looks good as new!

Here are 3 methods to repair embellished clothing, so it looks good as new!

It’s easy to buy cute embellished clothing, and it saves you a lot of work–every bedazzled rainbow sequin on this kid’s shirt is one rainbow sequin that I didn’t have to bedazzle myself.

But if you like your clothes to stay nice throughout their lifetime, then you’re likely to be disappointed by that embellished shirt that you bought, because sequins and spangles don’t have a lifetime warranty–they start to fall off, leaving gaps in that cute embellished design.

How to Repair Embellished Clothing

If the design is especially cute, however, and if the garment still has a lot of life left in it–a younger sister to serve, perhaps–then it’s often worth it to me to repair embellished clothing. There are three main methods to do this, and I’ve used them all on this rainbow shirt, so that you can how they look.

3 Ways to Repair Embellished Clothing

Method #1: Paint

If there isn’t any leftover glue or hardware left behind, then fabric paint is the quickest and easiest way to fill gaps. I used the very tip of a paintbrush to dot paint onto blank spots on this embellished shirt. Heat-set the paint in the dryer, and you’re done!

Method #2: Beads and Buttons

If there’s a little glue or a stain left behind where an embellishment is missing, sewing on a bead or a button will cover it and add interest to the embellished clothing. I sewed a few beads onto this shirt so that you can see what it looks like, but most of the blank spaces here were too small for most beads or buttons.

How to Repair Embellished Clothing

Method #3: Embroidery

I like this method the best, because it’s the most versatile. Embroidery thread can cover any variety of awkward gaps, and it’s as easy as tying a knot, or sewing a straight line. It can also cover any hardware that’s still adhered to the fabric. On this shirt, the colored sequins are little metal caps on top of clear plastic sequins that are glued on to the shirt. Some spots lost their cap but have the clear plastic sequin attached, some spots lost both sequins but still have the glue, and some spots are completely clean. Embroidery thread can cover all of those.

How to Repair Embellished Clothing

You may look at this shirt and think that it’s nothing special, and you’re right! It’s not a fancy brand, and I can guarantee that I bought it at Goodwill, to boot. So why put forth this much effort on a cheap, low-end shirt? I want my kids’ clothing to look nice, and I don’t like to throw things away unless they’re completely worn out. If I can put new life into a $1 shirt while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and then have the pleasure of seeing my kid wear that shirt once every couple of weeks for another year, well… I’m a cheap date, too!

Here are 3 methods to repair embellished clothing, so it looks good as new!

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  1. I have beaded dress, is there a type of fabric glue I could use? One that dries clear and shiny? The beads are still on the dress but loose.

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