How-to: Remake Scrapbooking Chipboard

Repaint the chipboard.
Repaint the chipboard.

Repaint the chipboard.Β Once the surface has been properly prepared, you can use any paint to redo your chipboard. In the past, my girls have used tempera, craft acrylics, and artist’s acrylics, but in the photo above, I’ve repainted these chipboard signs using chalkboard paint and silver indoor house paint (to match my study, also painted silver).

Paint over the primed chipboard.Embellish.Β Once the paint on the chipboard is dry, you can bling it up as you wish. I don’t need a lot of fluff for my chipboard signs (and I’m not confident about how long this memory work display board will last in daily use by careless children), so I simply wrote labels in Sharpie over the silver paint. A more dedicated crafter, however, could add prettier labels using a paint pen or stamp, and embellishments like stick-on jewels or rub-ons, and other recycled materials like buttons or other cardboard cut-outs.

Could you even paint a super-cute duck in a bonnet on your new chipboard sign? You could!

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