How To: Recycled Map Art

How To: Recycled Map Art

I’ve seen recycled map art projects all over Pinterest and I was just waiting for an opportunity to create one, too. After returning from Guatemala this week, I was inspired to make my own eco-friendly version!

What You Will Need:

1. A junk mail envelope. I used one that had a cool pattern inside:

How To: Recycled Map Art

2. A black marker

3. A scrap piece of paper

4. A magazine

5. Crayons

6. A picture frame

7. School glue. If you can, use eco-glue.

How To Do It:

1. Trace the country of your choice onto your junk mail envelope. I googled “map of Guatemala” and put the envelope up to my computer screen to trace it (remember, though, don’t press too hard on your screen). Then, cut it out.

How To: Recycled Map Art

2. Flip through your magazine and find a patch of red. Draw and cut out a heart, and glue it on the map. I put the heart on the specific city I traveled to.

3. To add a pop of color, I colored a scrap piece of paper yellow and used it as the background.

4. Glue the map to the background.

5. Once everything is dry, place it into your frame.

Now I have a piece of art that will daily remind me of my incredible trip to Guatemala. I have it on the shelf next to all of my other souvenirs! If you like crafting with maps, check out these posts:Β 10 Upcycled Map Craft Projects and 10 Ways to Upcycle Maps!

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