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This week my roommate gave me an old, empty picture frame and asked me to create an item for her desk. She needed something to display messages, but didn’t have a lot of wall space to hang up a huge memo board. Instead, I took her picture frame and a piece of cork board and transformed them into a cute little memo board!

You can make your own mini memo board too–upcycle an old picture frame that you never use, or find one at your local thrift store.

What You Will Need:

1. One picture frame. Again, upcycle one you already have– there’s no reason to buy a new one!

2. A piece of cork board. I used the same cork board that I used in my Inspiration Board for the New Year project.

3. Scissors

4. Hot glue/hot glue gun

5. Marker/Sharpie

How To Do It:

1. Take your picture frame apart. You won’t need the glass, so you can set it aside for another project.

2. First, though, trace the glass onto your cork board with your marker/sharpie. Then, cut it out.

3. Place your cork board into your frame and make sure it fits nicely. Hot glue the cork board to the lip of the frame. I don’t believe you necessarily have to glue the cork board to the lip of the frame (I didn’t with mine), but I think it would make it a little more secure.

DIY Picture Frame Memo Board

4. Hot glue the back part of your picture frame (the part that makes the picture frame stand up) to your cork board. I was going to just tuck in the sides like you would with a picture, but the cork board was too thick– hot glue to the rescue!

DIY Picture Frame Memo Board

Wasn’t that simple? Now, if you want, you can hot glue some buttons to tacks to make them a bit more festive like I did! The buttons add a little life and color to the simple frame. Also, instead of writing your messages on new paper, consider making a Notepad Out of Junk Mail.

DIY Picture Frame Memo Board

DIY Picture Frame Memo Board

Would you make this darling little memo board for your desk? What else could you use it for? Share your ideas on our facebook page or in the comment section below!

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