How-to: Mend Ripped Jeans

ripped jeans that need to be mended

Big rip, right?

Fortunately, mending this huge rip right in the butt of my comfy jeans takes WAY less time than it would to head out shopping and buy more jeans.

It’s also cheaper!

Here’s the easy way to mend tears in your jeans:

use a seam ripper to open up interfering pockets and seams
Use a seam ripper to open up interfering pockets and seams.

1. Clear the field of battle.Β Snip the loose, dangling threads away from the tear, and use a seam ripper to open up any pockets or seams that would get in the way of your sewing–you can sew them back again when you’re finished. If you need to open up a leg seam to get easier access to a rip, the word on the street is that you should open up the outer thigh seam, not the inner thigh seam, which has extra reinforcements in its stitching.

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