How to Make Rosettes from a Reclaimed Tee

How to Make Rosettes

Don’t you love the look of a rosette? These simple fabric flowers are very cute, and they’re actually simple to make with just an old t-shirt from your stash. Here’s how to make rosettes and use them in your crafting.

Whenever I think about rosettes, I think of Angela from the 2006 season of Project Runway. Remember how she used to cover everything in those suckers? Too much of a good thing, girl! If you take Tim Gunn’s advice, though, and use your editing eye, rosettes can add sweet embellishment to lots of homemade clothing and accessories.

Over at our sister site Sustainablog, Talancia Pea shows you how to make rosettes from an old t-shirt and how to turn them into cute brooches. You can read the whole article right here!

How to Make Rosette Accessories from an Upcycled T-Shirt [Tutorial] (via sustainablog)

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  1. Hi Becky,
    This rosette is cool! Great for a teen project. I’m interested in how you made the gray necklace. That looks so recycled chic!!

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