Spotted: How to Make Patches with Crochet

How to Make a Patch with Crochet

How to Make Patches with Crochet

There are lots of tutorials for how to make patches, but I’m loving this crochet method that turns a simple repair into a cute new detail.

One of my favorite things about mending is when I can show off my repair. That can mean using contrasting thread when I stitch up a separated pocket or using reverse applique to cover a tear. So, of course, Craft Stylish contributor CalPatch is a woman after my own heart with this sweet tutorial for how to make patches using crochet. It makes me wish that I knew how to crochet!

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CalPatch used this method to create a patch for the worn elbow of a sweater, but it would work on any knit that’s worn a hole.

How to Make Patches with Crochet

To make a crochet patch, you only need a few basic supplies:

+knit garment, like a cardigan, with a hole in it

+ yarn that coordinates or contrasts with your torn garment (depending on whether you want the repair to just show a little or be the star of the show)

+ fabric scissors

+ tiny crochet hook

You guys, that’s it! Less than a handful of supplies. To get CalPatch’s step-by-step, head over to Craft Stylish for the complete tutorial.

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