How To: Make a Peacock Fascinator from Scrap Felt


Getting Gluey

It’s layering time! Your first two layers are semi-stitched together, but you want some glue in between to add some strength to the fascinator and keep things from flopping around. Just peel back that second layer, like in the photo above, apply some fabric glue, and smooth it back into place. From there, you’ll just apply glue to the backs of each layer, put them in place, and gently press so that the glue forms a nice bond between the pieces of felt.

You’re almost done! Flip your fascinator back over and apply a teensy bit of glue to the knot you tied. You don’t want things unraveling on your head!

glued knot

Done and done! Give your peacock fascinator a few hours to dry completely (over night is even better), and you’re ready to rock!

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