How-to: Kid-Decorated Bean Bags from Scrap Fabric

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kid decorated scrap fabric bean bags (3 of 3)

Got some stash light-colored fabric?

Got a bored kid?

These bean bags don’t take much material, so any light-colored fabric from your scrap bin is great for this project. Your kiddos will have a fabulous time decorating them with fabric pens or fabric paints, and when they’re done, just a few straight seams and a handful of beans turns them into a super-fun soft toy.

Kid-decorated bean bags make great gifts for children to help make for other children–perfect for all those summer birthday parties that you’re constantly shuttling them off to. They’ll keep them busy creating on a rainy day, and the finished bean bags are soft enough that a hurled one has a good chance of not knocking over something delicate and expensive in your living room.

Here’s how to make your own:

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Kid-Decorated Bean Bags from Scrap Fabric”

  1. Great project! This one probably would also be a good beginner sewing project as well. Not that the kiddo has any interest in the sewing machine, but she could probably sew them up by hand.


    1. If you used a nice felt, she could stitch them together with embroidery floss. To counter the kid-stitching that might leave holes where the beans could fall out, you could even glue the bean bags closed first, and then her stitching would be mainly decorative.

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