How-to: Homemade Natural Room Scents Made on the Stovetop

Homemade Stovetop Room Scents

Want your house to smell like you’re cooking something wonderful, WITHOUT having to actually cook something wonderful? Check out my easy, homemade room scents–you simply have to mix them up and warm them on the stove!

homemade room scent
After it starts to heat, the water in the pot will change color and smell yummy.

Step #1: Pull out your smallest pot.Β A little scent packs a lot of punch, so save energy by using your smallest pot on your smallest stovetop burner.

Step #2: Add things that smell delicious.Β Lately I’ve been obsessed with cinnamon and cloves, but if you don’t want your house to smell like December, there are a lot of choices that work well:

  • citrus peels–orange, grapefruit, and lemon peels smell yummy!
  • essential oils–vanilla, while pricey, cuts noxious odors, while other oils, such as peppermint or lavender, have aromatherapy qualities
  • fresh herbs–rosemary or basil cut from the garden work great, but so does that last bit of leftover fresh mint from the grocery store, even if it’s looking a little droopy

Step #3: Add water.Β Certainly cover all your items, but remember that the more water you use, the longer it will take to heat.

Step #4: Warm the pot.Β Set the burner to its lowest or second lowest setting, then just wait. When the water is thoroughly warm, the scent will begin to spread, and if you let the pot stay heated for a couple of hours, the scent will spread across several rooms of your house.

Step #5: Re-use the scent.Β Like a good soup, this mixture smells even better the next day, in my opinion. After I turn the burner off, I leave the pot on the stovetop, then heat it again the next day for additional scent, adding more water because the level will have gone down during the previous day’s heating.

Now, if you’ve ONLY put essential oils into your pot, I don’t feel that the above holds true; I always feel as if I have to add the essential oils again to get the best scent, but that may just be picky ol’ me.

Lately, I’ve been on the search for new natural scents to try. What else do you think would smell nice in a pot of simmering water?

P.S. Want some scent for your car? I’m SOOPER happy with my homemade car air fresheners!

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