How-to: Five Crafty Recipes that Use Cornstarch

How to Make Spray Starch

cornstarch for laundry spray starchThe only problem with cooking with cornstarch is that you never use that much of it!

You need maybe a couple of tablespoons to thicken gravy.

You need three teaspoons, tops, for laundry spray starch.

I try not to over-use my resources, of course, but when I have a certain supply sitting around on my kitchen or crafting shelves for years at a time, then I start to look for more useful ways to incorporate it into my life.

It turns out that there are a million uses for cornstarch, and just because you know a few of them by no means makes you a cornstarch know-it-all. Check around and you’ll absolutely find a useful, natural, cornstarch-using recipe that you just have to try.

Here are five recipes to get you started:

cornstarch glueUse a lot of glue? Try substituting some of it, especially for children’s craft projects,Β with this cornstarch glue. It looks and acts like school paste, and keeps well in your refrigerator.

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4 thoughts on “How-to: Five Crafty Recipes that Use Cornstarch”

  1. I tried making sidewalk chalk with my niece using plaster of paris. Unfortunately it never set. It was such a fun project though, I’ll try this one next!

      1. Question. With the corn starch it better to use food coloring or tempera paint.?

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