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We here at Crafting a Green World really love crafting, the environment, and crafting with the environment in mind. Even more so, we love sharing our experiences about crafting and the environment with you. So each week our group of core writers and many contributors bring you information on the latest and greatest in green crafting, including tutorials on reuse, book reviews, natural and green supplies and crafter interviews.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our site and our authors are supported by our ad network. This is a revenue-sharing agreement with the company that operates Crafting a Green World, Important Media. Which means we depend on you our readers to continue to read and visit our site. So while you’re here reading the latest How-to or catching up on the Green Crafter Profile please stick around a bit. Read our extensive archives, check out an advertiser if you choose, or if you’ve read something particularly interesting why not help support the author directly?

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Beside each of our authors’ bylines is a button that will allow you to send money via Paypal to any of our authors directly. We’re pretty fond of our writers as they research, write and compose all the information that gets delivered to you every day for free, and we’d like for them to stick around. You being here reading and sharing our articles on Facebook and Twitter helps, but currently it’s not enough to make a real living.

Feel like helping a bit more? After you’ve figured out what you’re going to enter into the latest contest or which magazine project you’ll tackle next, please think about sending a couple bucks to our authors.

It couldn’t be easier. Simply select the author you would like to support and click “Support the Author Directly.” A small pop-up window will appear where you can input the amount of money you would like to send to the writer. Click on the “donate” button and continue to follow the instructions via Paypal.

If all of our dedicated readers sent in a small amount each month, that living wage wouldn’t be far behind. So please take a moment and support our authors and give a little something to say thank you for their work.

To learn more about Crafting a Green World and our authors, please visit our About Page.

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