Handmade Review: Vintage Sparkle DIY Ornament Kit

Vintage Sparkle DIY Ornament Kit

Vintage Sparkle DIY Ornament Kit

We try to keep only handmade or vintage ornaments on our Christmas tree, but thanks primarily to my children’s butter fingers we need to replenish our stash yearly, and I don’t always have the time for, and my kids aren’t always in the mood for, complicated, day-long ornament-making sessions.

We were stoked, then, to sit down for half an hour with this DIY Vintage Sparkle ornament kitΒ (given to us for free by a publicist) and bust out enough ornaments to fill all of the weird-looking gaps in our tree.

Because we also got a tree with a bunch of weird-looking gaps in it this year. I don’t know what I was thinking, other than the kids were fighting and the dog was acting up and we just needed to pick a dang tree, already.

Anyway… here’s what we particularly liked about this DIY ornament kit:

1) The colors aren’t Christmas-themed.Β If you read my personal blog, you probably already know how I feel about “Christmas” colors, on account of I just made a bunch of paint-filled black and grey and navy blue ornaments for our tree. I really liked the red, yellow, blue, gold, and silver color scheme of these ornaments, then, especially because we can now use them for non-Christmas things. More on that later.

Vintage Sparkle DIY Ornament Kit
Also, my kid randomly has leaves in her hair.

2) You can use them for non-Christmas things.Β The ornaments are little boxes that you fold up, which means that you can totally use them as little boxes. They would make a cute 15-day Advent calendar that hangs from your tree, but when we pack our Christmas supplies back up for the year, I’m going to fold these flat and stick them in my supply closet, as quick and easy packaging for little gifts.

3) They’re easy to make.Β The kid who has no patience for fussy ornament-making actually really enjoyed busting through this kit; I think she appreciated the ease of construction and the instant gratification of making an ornament in seconds.

Vintage Sparkle DIY Ornament Kit

We’re totally going to keep these ornaments for the future, but since they’re cardboard, they’re also recyclable, and since they require no tape or glue to construct them, they’re also easy to fold back flat, put back in their storage box, and pass on to someone else who wants a quick and simple ornament-making kit.

We received a free Vintage Sparkle kit from a publicist, because I can’t write about something if I haven’t used it to bribe my kid to finish her math.

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