Handmade Review: The We are Knitters Crosby Scarf

We are Knitters Crosby Scarf

We are Knitters Crosby Scarf

Knitters are always on the lookout for the next pattern.

And, of course, once you’ve found the perfect pattern, you’ve got to choose the perfect yarn.

Also, do you have the correct knitting needles? Know all the techniques that the pattern requires? Have your “Made by Me” label ready to go?

And all that’s before you can even cast on your first stitch!

That’s why knitting kits are so fun to receive as gifts. A publicist gave me this We are Knitters kit to check out, and it’s got everything that you need to get going right away. To knit the Crosby Scarf, you need a skein of wool (I’ve got the 100% Peruvian wool in mauve, pictured, but you can choose your own favorite color), size 19 needles (pictured, but you can buy the kit more cheaply if you already own them), the pattern (pictured), a plastic sewing needle (pictured), and a “Made by Me” label (pictured).

You also need to know how to knit, of course, but the Crosby Scarf is actually a pattern in the Easy level, so after you knit a gauge swatch (you should ALWAYS knit a gauge swatch!), you can use any of the videos in the We are Knitters library to make sure that you understand the techniques that you’ll need. For the Crosby Scarf, you’ll need to be able to cast on, knit and purl, knit in Stockinette Stitch and Backwards Stockinette Stitch, increase, cast off, and weave in your ends.

If you do need to practice or learn some techniques, I suggest doing so on stash yarn so you don’t mess up your pretty wool.

If you don’t craft with wool, We are Knitters also sells yarn made from 100% cotton, and yarn made from upcycled T-shirt fabric.

I received a free Crosby Scarf kit, because I can’t write about something unless it’s had me knitting Stockinette Stitches in my sleep!

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