Green Scrapbooking: Paint Chips

Paint Chip ScrapbookingThere really are a lot of options today for those who would like to enjoy the craft of scrapbooking without contributing to wasteful or destructive world practices. Not only are there more green scrapbooking products on the market, but there are also other products, such as archival sprays, craft punches, decorative scissors, and a wide variety of adhesives, that allow us to utilize many more recycled elements in our work than we may previously have considered.

As an example, we recently underwent a project in our house to paint our girls’ room as a rainbow (I know, I know–little girls). This entailed the collection of a variety of paint chips in rainbow colors, which were then left sitting, unwanted, after the rainbow project had reached its conclusion.

What to do? What to do?

Punch out pretty shapes from paint chipsNow, I’m no master scrapbooker–you are undoubtedly neater and have much better taste than I–but using a variety of punches, decorative scissors, and other scrapping gee-gaws, I do have some ideas for how you, too, can recycle old paint chips into your work:

Punch out a pretty shape in a pretty color.

Use a spray adhesive to back a gift tag.

Don’t worry about the text on the paint chips–they add character.

Scrapbook page utilizing paint chipsEmbellish with matching gems or ribbons or felt or whatever.

Journal on a paint chip with a Sharpie marker.

Remember, though, that it’s only eco-friendly if you’re using something that you would have otherwise had to throw away or recycle. Perhaps, then, it’s time to get started on that next indoor painting project…

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