Green Crafter Profile: Miss Courageous

Millie Hilgert of Miss Courageous turns found objects into what she calls Pop Art. “As in pop caps, pop music, pop a lid, pop art, pop culture.” Her materials range from discarded records to vintage wallpaper to game pieces, and she does all of her cutting by hand.

She finds her inspiration in the world around her: nature, architecture, and in the materials themselves. The puzzle of figuring out how to transform a found object into something new and unique is part of the fun! That metamorphosis is what draws her to upcycling:

I love the concept of transformation. Taking something unwanted and creating something desirable. The ugly duckling turning into a swan so to speak. And nothing is better than the look on peoples faces when they see the finished product and realize what it used to be.

Locals in the Boise area can check out Miss Courageous’ goods Saturdays at the Capitol City Public Market in downtown Boise until Christmas. She’s also got a couple of shops on Etsy: Miss Courageous and Buckle Up, just for her upcycled belt buckles.

[All images via Miss Courageous, used with permission]

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