Girl Reconstructed: Upcycling Old Clothes Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about the joys and environmental benefits to upcycling your old worn out duds into hot new creations. We asked that you send in some snazzy pics of your own upcycled fashion projects and this is moment of truth, where we crown a green crafting superstar!

BeforeThe FirsAftert Runner Up is Becky, a loyal fan of Crafting A Green World and a wonderfully obsessed crafter who writes the blog Sew & So. Becky’s upcycle fashion is totally awesome cause she is willing to experiment with some really super fugly clothes and manages to  resuscitate life back into their once doomed future. Her ability to take a way out of style bridesmaid’s dress belonging to her mom and turn it into this adorable cocktail dress rocks! For the record, Becky has inspired me to go on an upcycling 8o’s prom dress binge that has been really fun. The Before and After shots of her mad sewing skillz really drive home the point… lame can be made cute.

The Crowning Queen of Upcycled Fashion is the lovely Suzannah **hands over a dozen organic roses and vintage tiara**. She hails from Vermont where she has been “obsessively making oodles of clothes from recycled and organic fabric” and with colorful, fun, and innovative results. Suzannah manages to find really vibrant upcycle fabrics and chooses wonderful combinations of these bright hues to make the style of her clothes really pop out.  You can see clearly in her creations how she makes use of scrap fabrics and the simplicity of design lends to current yet timeless pieces – and timeless is superb for the environment. Doesn’t that sun dress & tank look so perfect for this hot summer inferno? Congrats to Suzannah!

Thanks for sending in all your awesome pictures and please send more. It’s so much fun to share crafting achievements, especially when they give momentum to the green crafts movement!

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