17 Gift Ideas for Crafters: Kits, Books, Tools & More

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It’s getting down to the wire, but don’t worry! We have some great gift ideas for crafters on your list. Some are store-bought, some are handmade, and we have suggestions for a wide range of crafty uses.

Great gift ideas for crafters on your list. Some are store-bought, some are handmade, and we have suggestions for a wide range of crafty uses.

Gift Ideas for Crafters

Gift Ideas for Crafters: Craft Kits


1. We Are Knitters – These kits include everything a knitter (or aspiring knitter) needs: yarn, pattern, and the right size needles to get the job done.

2. Herban Crafts – These DIY beauty kits use all natural materials. The kits are handmade with love, so it’s kind of a DIY double-whammy.

3. Chewing Gum – How cool is this? With this little kit, you can make your own chewing gum!

4. Rubber Stamp Kit – Get the supplies listed in this tutorial, and you’ve just assembled a DIY rubber stamp kit. Boom!


Gift Ideas for Crafters: Books

5. This Belongs to Me  – This craft book shows kids different techniques for personalizing their stuff, from headphones to hoodies to bedspreads. If you want to see a project from the book, check out the Graffiti Jeans that Julie made with her girls.

6. The Shirtmaking Workbook – This book is an excellent starting point if you want to learn how to alter patterns to fit your personal style. Even if you’re not ready to sew the placket, collar, and cuff alterations that the book discusses, it’s an eye-opener just to be exposed to the possibilities. Read the review here.

Gift Ideas for Crafters: Tools & Supplies


7. Canson XL Drawing Pads – If you’re an artist, a blank drawing pad is a must. Don’t worry! Canson makes high-quality pads with 30% recycled paper for all of your drawing and sketching needs. Read our Canson XL Drawing Pads review!

8. Gingher Dressmaker Shears – If you have a seamster in your life, she will love a better, sharper pair of fabric shears.

9. Fiskars Easy Action Pinking Shears – Speaking of shears, a good pair of pinks are super handy in any sewing room.

10. Dremel – A dremel is kind of a dream tool for most crafty folks. You can use it to engrave rocks, drill tiny holes, sand, and so much more. The Dremel 7700 is a good starter. It comes with an array of bits, gets good reviews, and is reasonably priced.

11. Vintage Buttons – Check Etsy and eBay for lots of vintage buttons. They’re fun for sewing projects, collage, jewelry…the possibilities are endless! If you score a big lot, pour them into a pretty mason jar, so they can go on display until they get used up.

12. Faber-Castell Pitt pens – These artist markers are incredibly versatile. You can even use them to draw on rocks!

13. Dressform – You can buy new dressforms, but check Craigslist and local yard sale groups first. If you get one that’s not in great shape, you can fix it up yourself with burlap and hot glue.

14. Bottle Cutter – Most avid upcyclers have dreamed of using a bottle cutter to turn empty bottles into cool glass vases, glasses, etc. Make that dream a reality!

Gift Ideas for Crafters: Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

15. Crayon or Pencil Holder – Bust out the power tools and make the crafter in your life a cute way to display and organize all of those drawing implements.

16. Liquid Watercolors – Nope, this isn’t a mis-categorized idea. You can totally make your own liquid watercolors for holiday gifting. I KNOW.

17. Alcohol Ink – Another amazing craft supply that you can make yourself for the crafters on your list!

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