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I know that the middle of summer doesn’t seem quite seasonal for quilt making, but for many of us, self-quarantining and the cancellation of highly anticipated summer activities–Friends, I should be with my Girl Scout troop ON A CARIBBEAN CRUISE right now!–mean that many of us have been engaging in a far wider variety of handicrafts that we usually do.

And so, just as one of my kids has been embroidering on her T-shirts and my other kid has been appliqueing cool stuff onto tote bags, I have turned my eyes back to a craft that it usually only occurs to me to work on when the weather gets cool.

I am going to have SO MANY QUILTS ready by the time winter rolls around this year!

Star quilts are especially fun to sew. They look harder than they are to make, with all of those non-right angles, and it’s fun to learn the secret of how to create each interesting intersection. There are also so many different star quilt patterns that it’s hard to get bored with them.

Here are some of my favorite, free star quilt patterns online. Most of these patterns are very accommodating to the use of small scraps, meaning that they’re great stash-busting projects, too!

1. Basketweave Braid Star Block

This might be my favorite quilt block on this list! If you’ve got tons of fabric scraps that you’re longing to use up, THIS is the quilt block for you.

2. Bright Quilt Block


The base pattern for this quilt block is right triangles, but you also get a great reference for how to quilt the block to bring out its unique characteristics.

3. Carpenter Star Quilt Block

I love the suggestion in this tutorial to download (or draw!) a coloring book page of your quilt block so that you can play with color choices–and crayons!

4. Carpenter’s Wheel Reference Sheet

If you’re newer at quilting, it can be hard to figure out on your own how to resize these quilt blocks. Here’s a reference sheet for the Carpenter’s Wheel/Star quilt block that helps you figure out how to cut the block to any custom size.

5. Confetti Star Quilt Block

This is a fun, skewed star pattern, for when you want a looser-looking, less rigid quilt style.

6. Diamond in the Sky

The unusual piecing of this quilt block is almost guaranteed to teach you a new technique!

7. Double Star Quilt


I LOVE this star-within-a-star pattern!

8. Farmhouse Star Quilt

This free, downloadable pdf tutorial walks you through making an entire quilt using this quilt block.

9. Friendship Star AND Eccentric Star Quilt Blocks

Here are two different quilt block tutorials, each with a click-through to more detailed instructions for the techniques required to create them.

10. Hunter’s Star Quilt

My favorite thing about this tutorial is that it shows you not just how to make the straight quilt block, but also an example of how playing with color choices can lead to some really interesting effects.

11. Hunter’s Star Inspired Quilt Block

When you quilt, one of the fun things that you quickly notice is how many beautiful variations there are for each classic quilt block. Here’s one variation of the Hunter’s Star.

12. Quick Star Quilt

This star quilt IS quick and easy to sew, but my favorite part is that using this tutorial, you can make a star quilt of any size.

13. Giant Star Baby Quilt

This quilt is essentially a VERY large Sawtooth Star quilt block (see below for the tutorial to make a traditional-sized Sawtooth Star), but super-sized, it looks amazing as a baby quilt!

14. Ohio Star Quilt Block


You’ll notice that the Quick Star Quilt, above, is a simplified version of this classic quilt block.

15. Five Fat Quarter Fun Block

Here’s another take on the Ohio Star, with a pattern that calls for only five fat quarters’ worth of fabric.

16. Giant Vintage Star Quilt

Star quilt blocks make terrific giant, single block quilts, because the star pattern is always so visually interesting. Here, the quilt is sewn from vintage sheets, which gives it an antique look that’s hard to imitate with modern fabrics.

17. La Conner Quilt


Because most of these tutorials are for the single quilt block, it can be really nice to have a tutorial that walks you through sewing the entire quilt. Here you go!

18. Lone Starburst Quilt Block

Paper-piece this beautiful and detailed star block.

19. Moonlight Star Quilt Block

There are a lot of interesting little details in this quilt block–it’s the perfect block for fabric scraps!

20. No Y-Seam Eight-Point Star


Clever quilters are always figuring out ways to do things differently. Here, you can learn how to avoid an often tricky and annoying technique!

21. Jellied Lonestar Quilt

If you like to sew with jellyrolls, you’ll be happy to see this quilt tutorial that uses jellyrolls to make the star quilt blocks!

22. Ribbon Star Quilt Block

This tutorial teaches you how to make a half-square triangle, and then how to use that to piece this lovely quilt block.

23. Sarah’s Choice Quilt Block


The tutorial uses three different fabrics to make this quilt block, but I think it would look even more lovely with just two.

24. Sawtooth Star Quilt

Bonus: this tutorial also teaches you how to make the Flying Geese quilt block!

25. Reverse Sawtooth Quilt

Turn the Sawtooth quilt block around for an unusual look!

26. Sparkly Stars Quilt


You’ll have no worries about figuring out a complete quilt with this thorough walk-through!

27. Star Bright Quilt

The star block is the focal point of this complete quilt pattern.

28. Toutes Les Etoiles

Have fun sewing this quilt, which alternates stars and squares for an interesting pattern.

29. Variable Star Quilt Block

Another block similar to a pinwheel, this tutorial helps you make lovely and precise star points!

30. Baby Quilt Variations

Check out this post to see how you can use the Lone Star quilt block or the Ribbon Star quilt block to make some super cute baby quilts.

Do you have a go-to star quilt block pattern, or have you made an amazing star quilt yourself? Tell me about it in the comments below!

P.S. Want to quilt, but find stars a tad bit intimidating? Start with hexagons!

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